You probably already know that many insurance companies boost your rate for getting into accidents. But did you know that traffic tickets can raise your rates, too?

Late to work one day and have a bit of lead foot? Rate increase. Miss the speed limit sign? Rate increase. Forget to signal at a light? Rate increase. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? You already were punished with a pricy ticket, and then you find yourself hit again with a rate hike.

But insurance doesn’t have to be that way. When you choose ERIE Rate LockSM, you’re protected against rate increases due to traffic tickets or accidents. After all, we’re your insurance company, not your driver’s ed teacher—we don’t need to punish you every time you make a mistake.

Why does ERIE offer this feature to qualifying applicants when so many other companies don’t? It’s simple: We think it’s the right thing to do. A pretty radical stance, but we’ve been doing the right thing since 1925 when H.O. Hirt founded ERIE with the plan to offer commonsense service at affordable prices.

Add some certainty to your auto insurance bill with ERIE Rate Lock. Give us a call at Yetter Insurance Agency today, and let’s talk about whether ERIE Rate Lock makes sense for you.

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