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Auto Insurance

Since each state has its own peculiar auto insurance laws, a policy needs to be rewritten with appropriate state coverage selections and signed applications. Agency law provides that an agency must be licensed in the state coverage is written. Yetter Agency is currently licensed in PA and NY.

Most clients are insured on a personal auto sometimes known as a family auto policy. The language in the policy itself extends to close family members automatically. Although exclusions are possible, most carriers are not willing to exclude a driver simply for rate relief. Suppose your child borrows a classmate’s car. That car has low policy limits. Your child causes a serious accident resulting in a high limit judgment. Your policy responds as secondary coverage.

PA, NY, and NJ among other states do share driving information. Although there are sometimes incomplete records, most serious violations are sent from the foreign state to the home state for inclusion on the MVR.

If you carry comprehensive and/or collision insurance on the vehicle AND an optional coverage called “Transportation Expenses” you will either be reimbursed up to the daily limit you purchased or the carrier may secure a car on your behalf. If you do not carry Transportation Expense coverage, there is $20/day built in coverage after a theft of the entire vehicle by most carriers once you’ve reported the loss and 48 hours has transpired.

In civil law, generally, a wrong or injury committed against a person or property. A tort does not include breach of contract. When a tort is alleged against you, your liability insurance responds. In PA if you select the “limited tort” option, you are agreeing ahead of time that you will not make a tort claim against someone else unless it is “serious”. Serious is defined by statute and court precedence. Usually the word “serious” means loss of limb or organ; the loss of use of limb or organ; death, or an injury caused by a convicted drunk driver.

The amount of time one spends in a car only affects the likelihood or probability of subjecting oneself to an injury. It does not affect the severity to which limited tort speaks.

Titling & Licensing

Most states require you to title your car where you are domiciled. Your domicile is your primary residence. Most insurers require that the address listed on the policy declaration is the place of principal usage also known as garaging. You warrant to the carrier that the address listed on the policy is the principal place of garaging. Failure to disclose the correct address can be considered rate aversion and a breach of policy warranty. It has been prosecuted by D.A.’s as fraud. Always tell your agent if you move or have multiple residences.

In PA there are a host of independent contractors known as “tag agents”. You pay them for their expertise and processing. They produce either temporary paperwork or final work depending on the level of service they are authorized by PA to conduct. In NY you work with employees of the state of NY at the decentralized local MV agencies located throughout the state. The closest to our office is in Port Jervis NY.

PA law requires you to secure a PA driving license within 60 days of residency. A PA title is to be applied for within 20 days of residency. Titling and registration usually are done at the same time.

New drivers start with applying for a permit. This involves passing a written test, a physical exam by your doctor, and a sight screening. Once the permit is secured, a permit holder is allowed to drive with another senior licensed driver age 21 or above. A minimum of fifty hours of behind-the-wheel experience and six months is required in PA before one can take the driving test. Existing licensed drivers are usually able to exchange their license for the new state’s one with no testing other than an eye screening. Most states now require proof of identity.

PA Dept of Motor Vehicles Website: www.dmv.state.pa.us
NY Dept of Motor Vehicles Website: http://dmv.ny.gov/

Home Insurance

Dwelling Replacement Cost is the sum of two components. One would be the cost of dismantling the damaged building and hauling it to a hazardous materials waste facility. The other would be the cost of building the same home by a reputable builder with dimensions and features similar to what existed before the loss under today’s building codes and with current building materials.

Market value is the figure that a willing seller and a willing buyer agree upon. While it has some relationship to replacement value, the cost of the land and the desirability of the site can be a major factor. A house on 25 acres would generally sell for more than a similarly located house on 2 acres. A house on one-fourth acre on Lake Wallenpaupack might sell for more than either. As the realtors say “it’s location, location, location.”

General Insurance Questions

Go to the Claims page of our site. There is detailed information about claims submission by each carrier. Also for auto insurance, the claims number is printed on your ID card.

I just want a ballpark quote. Once we give you a quote, your expectations are that the quote is somewhat accurate otherwise the quote would be a useless tool to you. The factors that make up rates in the 21st century are so complicated that without PC’s we could never achieve accurate quotes. Driving record, years of experience, usage and type of vehicles had been enough. Today confirmed driving records, confirmed claims records, insurance scoring, and maybe even whether you are a teacher or member of AAA driving club along with your other policies insured by the quoting company and your prior company limits are taken into account.

Do they take credit cards? Generally yes, but this varies by carriers. Go to our Companies We Represent tab and click on your carrier for answers.

As a general rule, the agency’s role in the claim is to see that it is properly reported to the company. All our companies have a reputation for good claims handling. Once the company has the claim, a professional adjuster identifies himself to you by phone or letter. You should also take note of the phone number given you and the claim number. If you did not, the agency can provide that information to you. If you are having a problem with the adjuster, you should call the agency for assistance. The agency does not settle losses nor determine if coverage exists. We can make sure that your claim is being handled fairly.

PA Contractor Registration

Anyone who owns or operates a home improvement business or who offers, performs, or agrees to perform home improvements in Pennsylvania must register with the Office of Attorney General unless they are specifically exempted1 under Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (“HICPA”). Any home improvement contractors who are not registered will be prohibited from performing home improvements in Pennsylvania.