When you’re a small business owner, you spend a lot of time with your employees. They work hard to help you achieve your dreams, keep your customers happy and earn a living. In many cases, they become like a second family.

So how are you protecting your employee family? Many business owners offer health insurance, disability insurance and other benefits. But what about group life insurance?

Group life insurance is a great choice for almost any workplace, and because you’re getting your insurance as a group rather than an individual, it’s often more affordable. Many employers choose to pay some of their employee’s premiums. To make up the rest, Erie Insurance Lifeworks coverage allows for automatic deduction of premiums from employees’ paychecks (making it hassle-free).

Your employees get the security of knowing their families are provided for in case of the worst. You get to take care of your second family in a simple, economical way. What could be better?

We hope in some small way Yetter Insurance Agency, Inc. has become a part of your business family, too. If you’ve appreciated the business service you’ve received from us, keep us in mind the next time someone asks for an insurance referral. We love working with you, and would love to get to know some of your friends, family and business partners, too.