Don’t you love getting a pat on the back? It’s so satisfying to know you’re doing a good job. Here at Yetter Insurance Agency, Inc., we have to admit, we love it too. Typically, our clients don’t see us on their good days: it’s on the days when cars wind up totaled, roofs blow off and things are going very, very wrong.

But hearing from a client that we made that bad day better makes it all worthwhile. Here’s what one client said about how we made a bad day a little brighter:

Very happy with the service! I hit a deer on a Monday night and called. The first question asked was “are you alright?” They thought of me first! By Wednesday morning there was an adjuster at my house and within 3 days there was a check in my hand. Now….that is good service.  – Michelle

Have a story of your own to share—good or bad? We want to hear it. Click here  to submit your own story. If we didn’t do our best, we want to try and make it right. If we did right, well…everyone likes a pat on the back every now and then.

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