No one liked taking tests in school: there was the studying beforehand, the stress during — and the worst part — waiting for results. But when you finally got that paper back with your grade scrawled on the top, you knew where you stood: what you knew, what you didn’t know and where you had to improve.

Most of us don’t sit down and take tests like this anymore, but it’s still important to know how we’re doing—especially if you own a small business like Yetter Insurance Agency, Inc.We do our best to help clients like you every day. We try to make your life easier by offering the best possible coverage with the best possible personal service to back it up.

How are we doing? Are you getting the service you expect from Yetter Insurance Agency, Inc.? Are we exceeding your expectations, or falling just a little short? We want to know. Click here to send us your thoughts, or pick up the phone and call us at 570-296-8329 anytime, and tell us: How are we doing?

If you feel we’re earning our A—thanks! The next time someone asks you “Hey, do you know anyone who can help us with our insurance?” maybe you’ll keep us in mind and tell them about Yetter Insurance Agency, Inc. That’s the best test grade we could ever have.