2018 has been a little rough in terms of storms, more so than usual. Areas like Dingmans Ferry, Bushkill and East Stroudsburg had numerous storms where houses and cars were damaged. With warmer days ahead of us, we should look to see how we can prepare for next year’s storm season.

Cut Possibly Damaging Branches Around Your House If you live in a rural area, there are trees everywhere and it’s difficult to avoid them. However, it might be beneficial to walk around your property and cut down any dead branches that might not last in a big storm. This will lower the risk of damage during the next storm.

Inspect Your Roof In a storm, your roof may be one of the first things damaged. Before the storm hits, have it checked out to make sure there isn’t any preexisting damage or leaks. That way when the storm is here, your roof in its best shape.

Protect Your Car – Maybe it’s time to clear out that garage of yours and actually make room for your car. Even in light storms, cars can be hit by branches, hail, and rust from exposure to the elements. A car cover can also help protect your car from debris and shield it from other environmental damage like uv rays and precipitation.

Update Your Insurance – Sometimes, even taking precautions isn’t enough. Come on in to Yetter Insurance Agency and we will sit down with you and look over your current plan. We can help you fill in those spots that you might be missing.

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