Regardless of whether you live in a rural or urban area, burglaries happen. In 2017, on average, a burglary occurred every 18 seconds in the United States. You can avoid being part of a statistic by avoiding to make these seven silly security mistakes.


House keys outside

Leaving A Spare Key Under The Door Mat

Even an inexperienced burglar has seen enough cartoons and movies to know that many people leave a spare key to their house under the front door mat. If this is where you hide your spare key, it’s probably best you look for a better spot.


Ladders in backyard

Leaving A Ladder In The Backyard

If you own a ladder, keep it locked in your garage or in your basement. Most people don’t secure the top floor of their house as well as they do the ground floor, often forgetting to lock the upper windows. If you allow a burglar the opportunity to reach the second floor of your house, you may end up paying for it.


dark porch light

Having Limited Light Around Your House

A well-lit house is a secure house. A burglar is less likely to rob your house if they think someone will see them. If you have a singular spotlight pointing toward your driveway, that isn’t going to be enough. Outside lights around your doors will deter a burglar from breaking in.


Forgetting To Lock Windows And The Garage Door

Typically, as soon as you enter your house, you lock the front door behind you. Right before you go to bed, you most likely will lock the side or back door as well. However, many forget to lock their windows and garage door before heading to bed.


Full mailbox letters

Forgetting To Stop The Mail

If you’re going on vacation, be sure to either stop the mail to your house or have a neighbor pick the mail up for you. If a burglar is walking past your house and sees a stack of mail outside, they might pick up on the fact that you’re not home. This is an open invitation for burglars to break into your home.



Relying On Your Dog To Keep You Safe

Your dog isn’t guaranteed to attack or even bark if an intruder comes in the house (unless it’s a squirrel, perhaps). There are many other home security measures that are more reliable than our furry companions. Be sure to take additional measures to keep your home safe.


social media apps

Posting About Future Plans On Social Media

You’re probably taking tons of pictures and having a great time on vacation, but don’t post it on social media. Intruders may be looking at public social media posts to find potential leads on houses to rob. Save your excitement until you get back, then you can post all the pictures you want — risk free!


You can be as safe as you want, but sometimes things happen. When they do, make sure you have the proper insurance. At Yetter Insurance, we can help you with the proper policy to ensure peace of mind.


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