The world is taking a pause right now as we are looking to collectively combat this current pandemic.  It has taken over our media coverage and the social media forums.  You can’t turn on the radio without hearing about the coronavirus.  We are getting emails from every company that we ever contacted.  (Even this one from your favorite insurance agent!)  Reactions vary from extreme fear to the kids on the beach for spring break.  So, pardon my musings, but here are some thoughts for you for your insurance and for life…

  1. Review your home owner’s insurance policy.  Did you put on an addition to your house? If your house was just a pretty little ranch when we first insured it and now it is a large colonial, we need to talk!  Did you upgrade your kitchen or bath?  If your kitchen had lovely laminate and now it has gregarious granite, we will need to talk!  Give us a call and we can go over the details that we have about your house.  We love to listen to the fun ways you have made your home just a little more unique.
  2. Review your auto insurance policy.  Do you still have comp and collision on your 1981 Honda Civic?  Let’s think about that.  (On the other hand, if you do still have your 1981 Honda Civic, I want to see it!  That was my first car.)
  3. Review your life insurance policy.  Did you get your life insurance before your house, spouse, and 3.2 kids?  We may want to think about adding coverage to your policy (by the way, those 3.2 kids could use some coverage also – mine have it!)
  4. Review your businessowners policy.  When we start out, we often have low inventory or “stuff” for our business.  Do we need to add more?  Have your exposures changed?  Are you a plumber now instead of an electrician?  You guessed it; we need to talk!  Do you now have employees working from home?  How are you securing your data?  There is a recurring theme here, we need to talk!

Here are some non-insurance ideas for you during our pause (some of them I borrowed from our Pastor Josh – thanks Pastor!)  As we take this enforced time away from the hustle and bustle, have you….

  1. Gotten up to exercise?  Our Caileigh girl (our 2-year-old golden retriever) loves to take a walk, run, spin, you name it.  She kind of looks like the Tasmanian devil in the old cartoons.  She is very excited to have her people around – her sister, Grace (the cat), not so much.
  2. Called your elderly neighbor?  This time of pause is not the first that they’ve experienced in their lifetime, but they may feel relieved to know that you are looking after them.  An act of kindness is free.
  3. Played some board games with the kids?  What an amazing chance you have to spend some time with your kids and create some memories.  They really are amazing human beings.  Turn off the TV and video games.  Gramma Schoch used to love to tromp us in Monopoly or Uno.  She had no mercy, but would chuckle as she said “Uno”!  This time may be scary for the kids, imagine if they can look back on this time and not think of the fear, but think “Remember the time we got to play all those games with mom and dad?”  I’ll take memories over fear any day!
  4. Cleaned out that spare room?  I always tell my sons that I’m going to convert their bedrooms into a library when they move out.  They think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  We’re talking a library to rival the one in the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie! (just kidding honey)
  5. Order some takeout from the local restaurant?  I have noticed that a lot of our local restaurants are providing food for our kids and they are providing a takeout menu.  Let’s support them and say “Thanks” by ordering dinner. 

Thanks for reading my wandering thoughts.  Be kind. Be safe.  Stay sane.