Written by Sherelyn Yetter Schoch April 2023

A large percentage of our policyholders are insured with Erie Insurance Group.  Recently, Sherie was able to sit down with the Vice President of the Erie Insurance Claims division, the Regional Claims Manager, and the Branch Claims manager to get some updates on our claims processes through the local insurance coffeehouse.  The conversation was a good flow of information from both sides of the aisle.

“For policyholders that have the Erie Mobile App installed”, Sherie said, “updates to our auto claims processes are available through the app.  This makes having that app an important part of the repertoire of apps on your phone.”  Instead of having to call the agency, call the claims adjustor, and wait for them to get back to us, the policyholder is able to have information right on their phone or mobile device.  No one likes to go through the experience of having a claim, but good communication always helps this process run smoothly.  Another tool that is available when you file an auto claim is the potential to do both a photo appraisal and receive an e-payment for the claim.  This reduces the lag time between the claim, the estimate, and the payment.

There are other benefits to having the mobile app installed on your phone.

  • Are you at the mechanic on a Saturday morning to get your car inspected and find that you don’t have the latest auto insurance card?  If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you can go to your app and download the latest id card to show your mechanic.
  • Can’t find your latest invoice for your insurance?  The invoices for your home and auto insurance as well as other policy documents can be accessed there as well.  You can also click on the policy and pay the bill from your phone.
  • Were you driving on the interstate and had a rock crack your windshield?  You can file a glass claim from the app.  If you have other auto claims, there is a link to a phone number to give the home office a call to file the claim directly.  This is really helpful for after-hours claims service.
  • Where can I download the app to my phone?  The app is available for iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can get more information on the mobile app by clicking here.  If you would like to see how it works, feel free to stop by the office and talk to Sherie.