Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween will soon be here!  Kids enjoy this holiday – dressing up as their favorite super hero, tv character, or other figure.  As a parent, how can you make this event the safest?  Here are some tips for a happy, healthy, and fun Halloween:



  • Carry a flashlight.
  • Stay on sidewalks, do not run and always obey traffic signals.
  • Stay in familiar neighborhoods and only approach homes that are well lit.
  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Do not wear masks while walking house-to-house.
  • Make sure your costume does not drag and only carry flexible props (eg., swords, wands, etc.).
  • Steer clear of unfamiliar animals/pets.


  • An adult should accompany young children.
  • Purchase only flame-retardant costumes.
  • A safe alternative to pumpkin carving is pumpkin painting.

If your children trick-or-treat on their own be sure that:

  • They wear a watch.
  • They carry quarters or a cell phone to call home.
  • They know where to reach you if you’re not home.
  • They travel in a group.
  • You explain the difference between a “trick” and vandalism.


  • Use small flashlights in jack ‘o lanterns rather than candles.
  • Offer a well lit, clear path to your door.
  • Keep animals inside and away from trick-or-treaters.


  • Slow down. Children will be running everywhere.
  • Partygoers should always elect a designated driver.


  • Tell children to bring candy home to be inspected before consuming anything.
  • Look at the wrapping carefully and pitch anything that looks suspect.
  • If you discover a treat that has been tampered with, contact the proper authorities.

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