Even if you never drive your classic car, you’ll still want to protect it from possible damages, including fire, vandalism, and theft.

At Yetter Insurance, we write policies for multiple companies that offer classic car insurance.


Understanding the policies offered by each of those companies can get confusing, which is why we have insurance agents available to meet with you and determine which policy is right for you.

Erie Insurance

One thing that sets Erie apart from other insurance companies is that they will generally write your collector car on the same policy as your daily-driver car(s). Discounts may be available to drivers who accumulate low annual mileage.

The three classic car insurance policies offered by Erie Insurance are:

  • Classic Auto: this policy covers models that are at least 10 years old and, because of limited production or exceptionally fine workmanship, have achieved rare or historic interest through being restored, maintained or preserved.
  • Antique Auto: this policy covers models that are 25 years or older that have been kept in good running condition and/or licensed as an antique with the DMV.
  • Special Interest Auto: this policy covers models that maintain or appreciate in value over time.

Progressive Insurance

Powered by Hagerty, Progressive now offers a Progressive Advantage Classic Car Insurance. This policy is separate from your daily-driver auto insurance policy – it is specifically designed to cover pleasure driving without fixed mileage restrictions.

Progressive’s coverage works by determining a fair value for your classic car. Then, in the event of total loss, you will receive every penny of your car’s insured value, without depreciation.

If you have a claim that requires restoration to your vehicle, Hagerty, Progressive’s classic car insurance parent company, offers stock original replacement parts and employs specialists who can find rare or hard-to-find parts.

American Collectors Insurance

American Collectors provides coverage for more than just classic cars; they have policies that protect action figures, train sets, wine, comic books, and more.

American Collectors insures vehicles for their full collector value with no depreciation. Their broad coverage includes damage from accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft, hurricane, earthquake, and more.

The ‘Collectors Choice’ option provides extra coverage for items being shipped, stored outside of the residence, or used for special occasions.

With multiple insurance policies available to you, don’t test your luck – call Yetter to insure your classic car today!