Do you hear what I hear? That’s right, it’s the sound of birds chirping. Spring has finally sprung, after another long, cold winter. While the birds are chirping and the sun is making it’s springtime debut, we may be eager to head outside and take advantage of the warmer weather. Before you head out on the water, it’s our duty as insurance agents to discuss, you guessed it, insurance.

Whether you have a boat or jet ski, there’s protection available to ensure you’re able to enjoy fun in the sun all summer long. Companies like Foremost Insurance and Progressive offer coverage that extends beyond just boats and jet skis, including roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down while you’re towing your watercraft, coverage for personal items that become damaged during use, and wreckage removal.

Don’t forget, insurance isn’t the only way to protect your boat or watercraft; preparing your vehicle for use is key to maintaining its integrity and your sanity. A few hours of preparation could save you the frustration and costs associated with preventable damages.


  • Inspect for damage. Be sure to check your fuel system for leaks and damages.
  • Check the cables. During the winter months, the belts, cables, and hoses can become brittle, resulting in cracked, faulty cables.
  • Charge the battery. Be sure that the battery can hold a full charge before setting off on a grand adventure.
  • Inspect the propellers. Check the propellers for dings or distortions.

Jet Skis: 

  • Check fuel and coolant lines. Running your fingers down fuel and coolant lines can reveal cracks and potential damages.
  • Clean the exhaust. If you didn’t use a jet ski cover during the winter months, be sure to clean the intake and the exhaust pipes of any debris.
  • Check the spark plugs. While in storage, your jet ski may have been exposed to moisture that can cause parts of the spark plug to rust.
  • Add new gas. To identify and restore clogged lines, run new gas through the tank.

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