The first signs of workers’ compensation law can be traced back to the times when pirates docked ashore and looted islands and villages. If the pirates were injured while gathering their loot, they demanded compensation for their injuries – their compensation was, of course, more loot.

Fortunately for business owners and employees, workers’ compensation laws have become more structured and civilized than they were in pirate times. Today, modern workers’ compensation laws are regulated by individual states and designed to ensure employees receive fair compensation for the medical treatment received as a result of a work-related accident or disease. The laws are also designed to protect employers from unruly lawsuits and huge financial loses.

Employees are a valuable part of your business and employers are responsible for keeping their workers safe. For this reason, businesses are required by law to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees.

As an authorized agent for Erie Insurance, we write Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability policies for businesses in NY and PA. Erie’s policies can be modified to include specific coverage options and to match the employer’s budget. Whether your business is just starting up or if your existing policy needs renewal, contact a Yetter Insurance agent to discuss your business’s worker compensation needs.