Whether you have a boat or jet ski, there’s protection available to ensure you’re able to enjoy fun in the sun all summer long. Companies like Foremost Insurance andProgressive offer coverage that extends beyond just boats and jet skis, including roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down while you’re towing your watercraft, coverage for personal items that become damaged during use, and wreckage removal. The best way to ensure you get the maximum amount of coverage is to talk to a Yetter Insurance agent before purchasing a policy.

1. Do I need a separate insurance policy?
Most people believe that their boat or jet ski can be fully covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. We suggest purchasing a specialized insurance policy that offers coverage for your specific vehicle and lifestyle.

2. Will my personal property be covered?
The cost of life vests, fishing gear and other items used while operating your boat or jet ski can add up. Most policies from Progressive and Foremost Insurance cover not only the vehicle, but also the personal property on board.

3. What discounts are available?
Discounts are available to customers who have multiple policies with the same carrier and insure more than one vehicle. A Yetter Insurance agent will be able to help you find all eligible discounts and save you money.

4. Are towing and roadside assistance available?
Certain insurance carriers offer different tiers of coverage, some of which include reimbursement for costs associated with towing and emergency labor. 24-hour roadside assistance is also included with some policies.

5. Is the type of watercraft I have eligible for insurance coverage?
There are so many different types of boats and jet skis, each with their unique set of coverage needs. Make sure you let your insurance agent know exactly what type of personal watercraft you’re looking to insure.

Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office to talk about insurance for your personal watercraft so you can keep having fun in the sun all summer long.