Even though employment can contribute positively to a worker’s physical health, each year, many workers experience a work-related injury or illness. Not all industries are the same, so safety tips for work environments are different according to the type of work and potential injuries. Here are things you can do throughout the year that will help you keep your workplace safe and your workers’ compensation premiums low.

1. Safety procedures should be enforced. Having safety-training programs available for your employees and rules in the work place is a way of showing your employees you care for their wellbeing while keeping insurance costs down.

2. In addition to safety training programs, it’s just as important to review the safety policies with employees on a regular basis.

3. Train employees what to do in case of emergencies. Establish protocols for different types of emergencies, like fire, injury, or hazardous spill, and practice drills regularly.

4. Make sure that spills and other potential hazards are cleaned up immediately to avoid any slips or falls.

5. Allow your employees frequent breaks when necessary so you are not working them to the point of overexertion! Tired employees are more at risk for injury or to cause an accident.

6. Suitable training on how to use industry tools and materials should be done before employees start work. This could include proper lifting techniques for heavy objects and using all necessary safety equipment, such as goggles, gloves and respirators when necessary.

7. Listen to your workers about any concerns they may have on potentially hazardous processes and unsafe conditions. Assess the situation and consider what safety improvements can be made.

8. Reducing repetitive motion disorders can help keep premiums at a minimum in preventing workplace injuries. Here are a few ways to avoid this:

• Train your employees about the repetitive motion disorder risk factors in the workplace
• Include frequent breaks
• Vary tasks so that repetitive hand movements are alternated with other work
• Set reasonable deadlines

9. Keep a safety checklist with all potential hazards in your workplace in order for the managers to discover potential hazards.

10. Give an honest representation right away of what your employees do in their occupation to avoid the risk of cancellation after an “audit” or inspection.

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