This month we will be celebrating St Patrick’s day.  For those of you who know me, you will find hints of my love of Ireland in my office and in my home.  My son got me a hand-drawn map of Ireland which is now proudly displayed on my office wall.  My grandmother often talked of her grandmother, Mary, who, with her sister Nora and brother Patrick, immigrated to America from County Mayo.  Maybe it is her story or maybe my love of Irish literature that ignited my fascination with this very green country.  It is on my bucket list to visit someday.   

So, how does St Patrick’s day apply to insurance?  Well, maybe nothing, but it got your attention!  Chicago will turn its river green, there may (or may not) be parades, corned beef and cabbage will be on the table, Irish coffee will be served all to celebrate this man (who, interestingly isn’t Irish!).  Here is my “insurance” take on St Patrick’s day…

So, on Wednesday, March 17th: 

Be safe!  If you are going to imbibe in some good Irish Whiskey or green beer, select a designated driver.  Our roads here in northeast Pennsylvania and across the border in New York are windy and treacherous under the best of conditions! 

Drive carefully!  If you are going to be on the road that evening, here’s a sobering reminder that not all of your fellow travelers are sober.  If you see someone weaving in and out of traffic (and they aren’t avoiding potholes) or they are driving erratically, stay a safe distance away from them. 

Celebrate at home!  Some good old fashioned corned beef and cabbage go a long way to satisfying your stomach (or some lamb stew if you want to be more traditionally Irish).  Put on a good movie – John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara are magnificent in “The Quiet Man”.   If you are looking for some comedy, enjoy “Leap Year” on Netflix.

Wear green!  Ok, this is not a safety item – it is just my favorite color!  I don’t even look for an excuse anymore to wear this color – it just makes me happy.  Traditionally, it is said that wearing green will make us invisible to Leprechauns so we won’t get pinched!   

May the strength of God pilot us, may the wisdom of God instruct us, may the hand of God protect us, may the word of God direct us. Be always ours this day and for evermore.

-St Patrick