“Every moment the patches of green grew bigger and the patches of snow grew smaller. Every moment more and more of the trees shook off their robes of snow. Soon, wherever you looked, instead of white shapes you saw the dark green of firs or the black prickly branches of bare oaks and beeches and elms.” – C.S. Lewis in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
We wait for this every year.  The rains come in April in order to usher in the beauty of Spring.  We throw of the dredges of winter to welcome the warmth of this lovely season.  My mom loves to look through the seed magazines and thinks of plans for her garden this year.  Sadly, her daughter did not inherit the green thumb.  I love the looks of flowers and gardens, but just don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish all of that – fortunately, Jeff is my master gardener, and he makes our home and gardens a splendid showpiece.
This month let’s talk about “How to Stop Leaks”, “Getting Back Outdoors”, and “The Safe Way to Ride your Motorcycle”.  Take a moment to dance in the rain and then prepare to enjoy the sunshine!

Rain or Shine: How to Stop Leaks

You’ve heard it before: April showers bring May flowers. Everyone loves flowers, but until May, you’re stuck in the rain.
And if you’ve got a leak in your home, that rain could spell big trouble sooner rather than later. Even a little bit of water creeping into a window, roof, or wall can damage wood, corrode metal and lead to harmful mold.
The key to making sure your home is secure is to find the leak early and stop it before it becomes a problem.
Use these steps to make sure your home is high and dry:
  • Check regularly — Don’t wait for damage. Check windows for moisture, roofs for missing tiles, or walls for cracks or gaps in your siding.
  • Know the signs —  Stay alert for signs of water. Dark spots on the ceiling, dampness in your basement or closets, foggy windows, and more are signs of trouble.
  • Caulk it — Most leak repairs are relatively simple. Using waterproof caulk or other sealants can stop the leak before it becomes a problem.
  • Call in the pros — If your leak is bad or in a dangerous spot (like a roof), play it safe and call a pro. It costs less to repair a wall now than it will later.
Stopping a leak early can help prevent major damage later on. Now, you know how to keep your home safe from all that drip-drip outside. Is it May yet?

Getting Back Outdoors

You’ve officially been cooped up for months, probably in more ways than one. Now that winter is almost a memory, it’s time to get some sun.
But what are you going to do? Just walking around in your yard isn’t exactly inspiring enough to tear you away from your latest Netflix binge.
But fear not, we’ve got some ideas to give your poor old couch a break.
Check out these excellent activities and get yourselves out and about:
  • Hike it up — Who doesn’t like a walk in the woods? Find a nature trail within driving distance and take a day trip.
  • Water ahoy! — Go to your nearest body of the blue stuff and walk around, take in the views, or whatever else comes to mind.
  • Epic picnic — Get al fresco and prove that being in the sun doesn’t have to mean sweating. Plan a great meal at a favorite spot, then recline, eat, and laugh with your favorite people.
  • Lawn games — Grab a stretch of grass in a nearby lawn or park and play bocce ball, lawn chess, volleyball, or your favorite lawn sport of choice.
You don’t have to wait for sweltering weather to be outside. Get out there and experience the joy of not being stuck between four walls, even if it’s just for a few moments.

The Safe Way to Ride your Motorcycle

Better weather means getting back out on the open road. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or have one in your life, you know it’s time to start riding again.  But even the most experienced biker knows that one wrong turn could mean big problems. Everything is more on a motorcycle – more fun and more dangerous.  Luckily, a few easy to remember tips can help keep you or your loved one much safer while enjoying the wind in your face and the scenery rolling by.
Check out these easy tips and ride with confidence:
  • Be hard headed — No matter where you live, you need a helmet. They reduce the risk of head injury by a whopping 69%. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Newbies beware — Over 50% of all motorcycle accidents involve new riders (less than six months experience). There’s no shame in slowing down and learning.
  • Plan your ride — Sudden storms can mean big trouble. So can unknown roads with curves or loose gravel. Plan ahead so that you know what you’re riding into.
  • You MUST be sober to ride — No one should drink and drive, and that goes for bikes too. Almost half of all motorcycle deaths include alcohol..
Being safe doesn’t mean being uncool. Whether you look like a ninja on your Ninja or a Terminator on your Harley, being careful can mean you enjoy your bike for a long time to come.
Check out this link to look at taking your bike out for Spring.