“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island
June is a month of many contradictions…There are many new things that are happening – prom, graduation, gardens. There are also many things that are ending – school, spring, cold weather (yay!). Either way that you celebrate this month, may you be safe and healthy. May you enjoy some of the great moments and experience the beauty of the small moments.

New Travel Rules

Many of us are getting back out there and testing the waters. But that doesn’t mean that life is back to the way it used to be when traveling.
No matter how you like to get around, things have changed. Air travel is different, long car trips are different, and even rail or water travel options are different.
Don’t let that keep you at home if you’re dying for a change of scenery! There are ways to be safe and confident when you’re moving around this beautiful world.
Use these new travel rules to get to where you need to go:
  • Do your homework — An ounce of preparation is, well, really good. Look up the regulations for the airline you plan on using or the train you will take so you’re in the know about their policies.
  • Bring supplies — It never hurts to be prepared. Bring your mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves just in case you need them.
  • Ask the pros — If you’re flying, work with airline employees to get the best possible experience. They will have the most updated information to ensure a safe and happy flight.
  • When in doubt, drive — If you’re still unsure about being in crowds, drive! Your vehicle is a safe space, and basic precautions while refueling or getting a bite to eat can keep you moving in the right direction.
You’ve probably been stuck at home for a long time and are itching to get out. With a little prep work and a positive attitude, you may be moving towards somewhere fun and sunny in no time.
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Avoiding Sunburn

Shorts? Check. T-shirt? Check. Flip-flops? Check. It’s official. Summer is almost here!
When the sun starts beaming down those glorious rays, it’s natural to want to be out in it and bask in the warmth. You may already be thinking about your tan and how best to get back to a happy color.
But wait, there’s danger up there! Sunburn can be just an annoyance or a serious hazard to your health. It can also vary from person to person, where one person’s habits could spell serious trouble to another person’s skin.
Luckily, you can enjoy the sunlight safely by following these tips:
  • Shield yourself — Suntan lotion is a lifesaver. Slather on that SPF and feel no shame as you strut about in the sun.
  • Cover up — Sometimes, the best solution is the oldest. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt of light fabric can help protect your skin while not making you overheated.
  • Limit your exposure — Don’t push your luck. Most of us know how long we take to bake, so head back under your umbrella or back inside to take regular breaks from the sun.
  • Time of day — The middle of the day is the worst for your risk of sunburn. Staying outside before 10 am and after 3 pm can lower your risk of UV rays – and still be tons of fun.
Get out there and enjoy the warm days safely and confidently and avoid turning red with embarrassment from not following these easy tips.

New Hobby Ideas

If you’re like us, your life over the past several months has changed you in a lot of ways. But one experience seems to be universal: BOREDOM.
Everything you can possibly do in your house has been done. You’ve played every board game, cleaned every surface, taken things down from the attic, and probably have more electronic gadgets than you did a few Christmases ago.
But have heart, my friends, as there are solutions to this nightmare. By pushing the boundaries and getting outside of your comfort zone, you may discover new and exciting hobbies to fill your days.
Check out these crafty ideas:
  • Woodworking — Not the handy type? There’s never been a better time to change that, with videos online that can show you how to do anything. Get a few basic tools, pull your phone, and build something new.
  • Gardening — Think plants are only for your Grandma Myrtle? Dig in the dirt or put some pots around the house and grow herbs to cook with, liven up the house with color or even vegetables to ease your grocery bill.
  • Role Play — Once only the domain of nerds, games like Dungeons & Dragons are exploding in popularity. Easy to play online, you can connect with friends around the world and make your own Game of Thrones-style adventures.
  • Yogi or Black Belt? — Learn something physical. With yoga or martial arts, you can gain a skill that keeps you in shape and has a path you can advance as you get better.
Trying one of these great hobbies can fill your hours with productive and fun activities. Kiss those dull days goodbye and say hello to a fun, focused 2021.