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Whether it’s a luxury trip to a tropical island or a quick visit to the city, there’s something magical about getting away. Everything feels new and exciting when you’re on a trip! You can try new foods, get to know different people and make memories that will last a lifetime. But it’s not always daisies and sunshine! New destinations are exciting, but sometimes the travel involved to get there can be … less than thrilling.

Planes, trains and automobiles have blessed us with access to new places all over the world, but it can be at the cost of comfort. Any ride over an hour might seem to drag on for days for some weary travelers. If you have plans to travel this year, make sure you’re prepared for the journey. We’ve listed everything you’ll want for smooth travels during your next getaway!

  1. Bring an extra layer.
    No matter how experienced a traveler is, everyone may need reminder to bring a jacket, so … Bring a jacket!
  2. Fully charge your phone before you go.
    Be ready to pull up directions, look for food or make a phone call at any moment. Also, Sudoku.
  3. Remember to take a phone charger.
    It’s better to be safe than sorry. Check, double check, and bring an extra!
  4. Pack a snack.
    An empty, grumbling stomach could be the downfall of the entire trip. Pack a snack (if it’s allowed) or pick something up along the way.
  5. Have your toothbrush handy.
    When you can’t take a shower on a long trip, it can help to clean what you can. Pack your toothbrush in an easy-to-reach location so you can freshen up at a moment’s notice.
  6. Plan your first night’s activities before you arrive.
    You may be tired after travelling, so do yourself a favor and plan your first night before arrival. Search the web for a restaurant or order food to your hotel.
  7. Invest in a travel pillow.
    If you don’t already have one, you may need one. Your neck will thank you and it’s perfect for all kinds of travel! Avoid neck cramping and get in a good nap on planes, cars and trains.
  8. Clean up your space.
    Clutter can lead to stress, so keep your area clean. Throw away trash and store items when they’re not in use.
  9. Dress for comfort, not style.
    Some say comfort over style when you travel. This is the perfect opportunity to dress in the comfiest clothes you have!
  10. Download listening materials.
    There are some amazing audiobooks and podcasts available online. Download something new to stay occupied (and entertained) during a long journey!

We’ve covered the basics of comfort and entertainment. If you remember to plan ahead, you’ll be prepared to travel anywhere! Think about everything that you could possibly want or need during your journey and plan for it. Prioritize your belongings and store important items in easy-to-reach pockets.

Foremost wishes you happy and safe travels, wherever life takes you!