Article written by Sherelyn J Schoch

There seems to be a day for everything nowadays.  If you look online, there’s a Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, a Dinosaur Day, a Dance Like a Chicken Day, and the list keeps on going.  My favorite, your personal insurance nerd, is National Insurance Awareness Day.  (Well, really, National Read a Book Day is my absolute favorite!)  This month we will celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day on Wednesday, June 28th.

Now, if you look it up, the origins of this day are not really known.  My guess is that it was created by a marketing guru who was trying to make an interesting post about an industry that is vastly uninteresting.  I mean, really, how many of you like to listen to me drone on about insurance?  Is it important?  -absolutely!  Is it fun and interesting to discuss? – absolutely not!  As a norm, people would rather have a conversation about positive things.  An insurance agent, as a risk manager, is usually looking at life through the lense of “the glass is half empty”.  The rest of us usually don’t think of insurance as important until we need it.

What are the insurance types that we should be aware?
Personal Insurance:

Do we have your auto? your home or renters? or your umbrella insurance?  What about your life insurance?  We all think about auto insurance because it is mandatory.   We think about our home insurance because the mortgage company requires it.  Renters insurance is important for those of us who rent a home or apartment.  The landlord’s insurance will cover loss to his building, but it won’t cover the loss of your personal belongings or your personal liability exposure.  Umbrella insurance will help give an additional amount of insurance above the limits on your underlying policies – like your auto and home (or renters).  Life insurance is really about protecting your loved ones – the ones that are left behind when you pass away.

If you already have a personal lines insurance policy, so this could be a great day to review the coverage.  If you haven’t reviewed it in a while, dust off that policy jacket and give us a call to review!  Things change in life – marriage, babies, change of jobs, – and we may not have the latest information on you.

Business Insurance:

Even if you have a small home business, you have an exposure to liability and property damage.  Although there could be a small amount of coverage available on your homeowner’s insurance, you better check with your agent to make sure!  If you have employees, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory.  The fine from state governing bodies could be very steep if you don’t have the appropriate coverage.  If you use your auto for your business, you may need business auto insurance – there may be a gap in your personal auto insurance policy that could leave you exposed to an uncovered claim.

Our business needs and exposures have changed over the last few years.  If this is the case, it is also a great time to take out that policy and review it.  Did your type of business entity change?  Did your business activities or location change?

How can we help?

Our agency has coverage for many types of insurance.  You can start your search for coverage by checking out this link.

I hope you all have a fun Insurance Awareness Day!