While many parents routinely inspect the pounds of tempting loot brought home each Halloween, it’s important to keep in mind that candy tampering isn’t the biggest concern kids’ face on this increasingly popular holiday, its motor vehicles.

We urge motorists to be especially alert on Halloween.  Excited children often forget the rules and may dart out in front of a car unexpectedly or forget to cross the street at crosswalks. Their dark clothing can also make them more difficult to see.

Driving on Halloween night can be very distracting so remember to stay alert and keep your eyes on the road. Back out of driveways very slowly and move out of any side streets and alley ways carefully.  Use extra caution when traveling in busy neighborhoods and travel at a safe speed.

If your children will be going ‘trick-or-treating’ this year, make sure that an adult or older responsible youth will be supervising the outing.  Adults and children should carry flashlights and use reflective strips so that you are more visible to motorists. Always walk on the sidewalk and stay in well lit neighborhoods. Never allow children to walk in the street or in alley ways. Talk to children beforehand about safety, reminding them to cross the street at crosswalks and corners and to never cross between parked cars. Avoid cutting across yards or driveways and only approach well lit houses.

It’s also important to get your home and yard prepared before the ‘trick-or-treaters’ make their way to your house.  Start by removing items from the steps and walkways that could be tripped over such as toys, hoses, flower pots, or bicycles. Sweep wet leaves from the sidewalk, porch and steps to prevent slips and falls. If your town has ‘trick-or-treating’ hours at night, be sure to brighten the way by turning on all outside lights.  If you don’t regularly use your porch and outdoor lights, check them the week before to make sure they are working properly. Keep your pets inside and properly restrain them to ensure their safety and the safety of trick-or-treaters when you open your front door.

With all that said, enjoy!  Have fun with your kids!  Be Safe!