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RV Insurance Tops

Top 5 Things to Know About RV Insurance

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Do I need RV insurance?

Like car insurance, a minimum of liability coverage is required for RVs in every state. Some states also require uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage are up to you, but it’s recommended to protect your investment. The following conditions require additional coverage:

  • Renting an RV
  • If your RV is your permanent residence
  • If you financed your RV


What does RV insurance cover?

Insurance for recreational vehicles (RVs) provides similar coverage as auto insurance, including collision, comprehensive and liability coverage. The main difference is the additional coverages you can add to your RV. Depending on your insurance plan, you can get additional coverage for:

  • Your belongings stored in the RV
  • RV accessories, such as awnings, satellite dishes, and installed appliances
  • Vacation and campsite liability
  • Towing and roadside
  • Full-time coverage (if RV is your full-time residence)
  • Total loss replacement
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists


What type of RV insurance do I need?

The type of RV insurance you will need is based on several things:

  • What state you live in
  • The class of RV you own
  • How far you will travel in your RV
  • Whether you’ll be using the RV to vacation or as your primary residence
  • The custom features included in your RV
  • Any additional coverage you choose to add


What are the different classes of RV?

  • Class A: Larger luxury models, up to 75 feet, such as the luxury coach, converted bus, and motor coach.
  • Class B: Smallest RV models such as travel trailers, camper vans, and cargo van type RVs.
  • Class C: RVs that use a standard cargo van as the driving portion and have a camper portion that extends over the cab. This includes fifth wheel RVs.


Where can I get RV insurance?

To get an insurance policy for your RV, contact your Yetter Insurance agent today by calling (570) 296-8329, or visit http://yetterins.com/.

Yetter Insurance Agency offers comprehensive RV insurance policies to owners throughout Pike County and Wayne County, PA and Orange County, NY. Whether you’re looking to buy a new RV or you’re looking to add additional coverage to an RV you already own, our agents can help you find affordable and comprehensive coverage through carriers like Erie Insurance, Progressive, and Foremost Insurance Group. Call us at 570-296-8329 or visit our Milford, PA office to find the right RV insurance for your needs.

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safest cars for teen drivers 2017

The Safest Cars for Teen Drivers

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Every teenager is eager to start driving their first car, making many parents concerned for their children’s safety. Newer drivers are at greater risk of getting into car accidents than experienced drivers.

Buying a first car is a huge decision, and teens should know it’s not all about status and appearance. Safety is the most important thing for parents to consider when choosing a car for their child.

Which Cars are Safest?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) publishes an annual list of the safest recommended cars for teenaged drivers. They began this in 2014 to help parents find a car for their new driver that can keep their minds at ease.

The 2016 list of cars is broken up into “Best Choices” and “Good Choices.” The Best Choices list are newer models of most of the same cars that are listed under Good Choices. These are also slightly more expensive. There are 49 Best Choices starting under $20,000, and 83 Good Choices starting under $10,000.

Top Vehicles by Category

Large cars

  • Volvo S80 (2007 and newer) for Best Choice
  • Ford Taurus (2009 and newer) for Good Choices

Midsize cars

  • Toyota Camry (Best Choice: 2014 and newer, Good Choice: 2012-13)
  • Hyundai Sonata (Best Choice: 2015 and newer, Good Choice: 2011-14)
  • Acura TL (Best Choice: 2012-14, Good Choice: 2009-11)

Small SUVs

  • Subaru Forester (Best Choice: 2014 and newer, Good Choice: 2007-13)
  • Mazda CX-3 (Best Choice: 2016 and newer)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (Best Choice: 2014 and newer, Good Choice: 2011-13)

Midsize SUVs

  • Kia Sorento (Best Choice: 2016 and newer, Good Choice: 2011-2015)
  • GMC Terrain (Best Choice: 2014 and newer, Good Choice: 2010-13)
  • Nissan Murano (Best Choice: 2015 and newer, Good Choice: 2009-14)


  • Kia Sedona (Best Choice: 2015 and newer, Good Choice: 2006-14)

Pick-up trucks

  • Toyota Tundra extended cab (Best Choice: 2014 and newer, Good Choice: 2007-13)


The IIHS has raised the bar for safe vehicles. High horsepower cars are advised against because teens will be tempted to test out the feature and speed. All vehicles listed have electronic stability, which helps drivers maintain control on windy or slippery roads. Vehicle size was another factor in choosing the cars on the list—heavier cars are safer because they protect better in a crash.

For the first time, small overlap front crash protection was considered when compiling the Best Choices list. All cars have four or five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


The IIHS knows that while safety is the first priority, families are looking for the best prices for a car as well. All the cars on the lists are used and under $20,000. The cheapest car, the Saab 9-3 years 2005-2011, is listed at $2,000. Families on a budget should look at the Good Choices list, which are all still top safety picks, but more affordable.

Get the Right Insurance for Your Teen Driver

Talk to your Yetter Insurance agent today to find the best plan to cover your teenage driver. For more information, please contact Yetter Insurance Agency at our Milford office by calling 570-296-8329.

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Do I Need Insurance for My Boat?

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There aren’t many better ways to spend a day off than out on the open water with the sun on your face. Boating is a popular pastime, with more than 15 million boats registered in the United States, but many boat owners don’t know the importance of having a dedicated insurance policy for their boat or personal watercraft. From boating accidents to theft, it’s imperative that you protect your vessel from the unforeseen.

Doesn’t My Homeowners’ Insurance Cover My Boat?
While your homeowners’ insurance probably does offer some protection, it likely isn’t enough. Your homeowners’ insurance usually only offers around $1,000 and $1,500 for damage or theft that occurs at your home, but will not cover you for anything that happens in transit or while your boat is on the water. There are also limits to the coverage due to the length of the vessel and the size of the motor.

How Do I Protect My Boat in Transit?
While transporting your boat, it’s covered by the towing vehicle’s insurance. It is important to contact your insurance agent to confirm that your auto insurance policy is adequate to transport a watercraft via trailer. It’s likely that you will want to increase the coverage on your auto policy or add umbrella coverage to protect your boat in the event of an accident or trailer malfunction.

Will Boat Insurance Cover the People on My Boat?
A boat insurance policy provides liability and medical payment coverage for any injuries that take place on your boat while it’s on the water. It also provides coverage for water-skiers and tubers that you’re towing behind your vessel.

Is My Boat Covered Everywhere?
We’re glad you asked. Most boat owners assume that once their boat is covered, they can take it anywhere. Depending on the policy, this may not be true. Many policies only cover inland waters, while others cover coastal waters within certain geographical ranges. If you plan on traveling with your boat, it’s best to check with your insurance agent to see where you are covered and how to go about expanding your coverage to where you will be traveling.

So, What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

  • Liability for passengers
  • Liability for damaged caused to or by the watercraft
  • Coverage for theft of boat, motor, or equipment in boat
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage covers damage to your boat and provides liability for injuries that occur on your boat due to an uninsured boater colliding with you

If you’re thinking about buying, or have recently bought, a boat or personal watercraft, please contact your Yetter insurance agent by calling (570) 296-8329, or visit http://yetterins.com/.



Yetter Insurance Agency offers comprehensive boat insurance policies to owners throughout Pike County and Wayne County, PA and Orange County, NY. Whether you’re looking for boat insurance or personal watercraft insurance, our agents can help you find affordable and comprehensive coverage through carriers like Erie Insurance, Progressive, and Foremost Insurance Group. Call us at 570-296-8329 or visit our Milford, PA office to find the right boat insurance for your needs.

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Let Yetter help protect your new car. Get auto insurance today.

Insurance Tips for Buying a New Car

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In addition to celebrating our nation’s leaders, President’s Day is a popular holiday for car dealers to hold big sales. If you’re getting yourself a gift for Washington’s birthday, you’ll want to contact your Yetter Insurance agent before stepping onto the car lot. Here’s why:


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-BudgetIf you have a specific make and model in mind, ask us for an insurance quote so you can factor it into your budget. Check if the new car is eligible for any insurance discounts based on certain safety features or anti-theft devices.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-StopYou won’t be able to drive off the lot without insurance coverage. Making arrangements with your agent ahead of time can save you from scrambling to secure coverage while at the dealership.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-CalendarIf you have insurance on your existing car and you’re trading it in, your policy may cover your new car for up to 30 days. Ask your agent if your insurance company will provide coverage on your new car until you’re ready to make separate arrangements.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-CollisionIf you don’t have collision coverage on your trade-in and you’re financing a new car, the lending company will likely require that you add collision coverage to your policy.


If you’re buying a new car this President’s Day, or anytime of year, contact your Yetter Insurance agent to make sure your new ride is covered at the best rate.

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