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Taking a pause…

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The world is taking a pause right now as we are looking to collectively combat this current pandemic.  It has taken over our media coverage and the social media forums.  You can’t turn on the radio without hearing about the coronavirus.  We are getting emails from every company that we ever contacted.  (Even this one from your favorite insurance agent!)  Reactions vary from extreme fear to the kids on the beach for spring break.  So, pardon my musings, but here are some thoughts for you for your insurance and for life…

  1. Review your home owner’s insurance policy.  Did you put on an addition to your house? If your house was just a pretty little ranch when we first insured it and now it is a large colonial, we need to talk!  Did you upgrade your kitchen or bath?  If your kitchen had lovely laminate and now it has gregarious granite, we will need to talk!  Give us a call and we can go over the details that we have about your house.  We love to listen to the fun ways you have made your home just a little more unique.
  2. Review your auto insurance policy.  Do you still have comp and collision on your 1981 Honda Civic?  Let’s think about that.  (On the other hand, if you do still have your 1981 Honda Civic, I want to see it!  That was my first car.)
  3. Review your life insurance policy.  Did you get your life insurance before your house, spouse, and 3.2 kids?  We may want to think about adding coverage to your policy (by the way, those 3.2 kids could use some coverage also – mine have it!)
  4. Review your businessowners policy.  When we start out, we often have low inventory or “stuff” for our business.  Do we need to add more?  Have your exposures changed?  Are you a plumber now instead of an electrician?  You guessed it; we need to talk!  Do you now have employees working from home?  How are you securing your data?  There is a recurring theme here, we need to talk!

Here are some non-insurance ideas for you during our pause (some of them I borrowed from our Pastor Josh – thanks Pastor!)  As we take this enforced time away from the hustle and bustle, have you….

  1. Gotten up to exercise?  Our Caileigh girl (our 2-year-old golden retriever) loves to take a walk, run, spin, you name it.  She kind of looks like the Tasmanian devil in the old cartoons.  She is very excited to have her people around – her sister, Grace (the cat), not so much.
  2. Called your elderly neighbor?  This time of pause is not the first that they’ve experienced in their lifetime, but they may feel relieved to know that you are looking after them.  An act of kindness is free.
  3. Played some board games with the kids?  What an amazing chance you have to spend some time with your kids and create some memories.  They really are amazing human beings.  Turn off the TV and video games.  Gramma Schoch used to love to tromp us in Monopoly or Uno.  She had no mercy, but would chuckle as she said “Uno”!  This time may be scary for the kids, imagine if they can look back on this time and not think of the fear, but think “Remember the time we got to play all those games with mom and dad?”  I’ll take memories over fear any day!
  4. Cleaned out that spare room?  I always tell my sons that I’m going to convert their bedrooms into a library when they move out.  They think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  We’re talking a library to rival the one in the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie! (just kidding honey)
  5. Order some takeout from the local restaurant?  I have noticed that a lot of our local restaurants are providing food for our kids and they are providing a takeout menu.  Let’s support them and say “Thanks” by ordering dinner. 

Thanks for reading my wandering thoughts.  Be kind. Be safe.  Stay sane. 

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Traveling Soon? Don’t Forget To Pack Some Insurance

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Traveling creates memories that you’ll never forget; it’s an experience from beginning to end. Before you go, I’m sure you create a checklist of things you need to bring. Clothes *check*, toiletries *check*, Insurance? Yes, you should pack some travel insurance, too. Anything can happen on your trip — make sure you’re thinking ahead just in case. Let’s go over some key travel insurance aspects you may want to consider.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

For many, trip cancellation insurance is going to be the most useful. Some airlines offer their own kind of trip cancellation insurance, but it’s not as comprehensive as a policy that we can offer you at Yetter Insurance.

A standard trip cancellation policy covers the nonrefundable financial penalties or losses you incur when you cancel a prepaid flight for an acceptable reason such as sickness. This means if you or a travel partner accidentally injures themselves a few days before your trip and can no longer attend, you won’t have to worry about losing the money you paid for the trip.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is important to have if your current policy does not cover you internationally. If you have an accident while overseas, you want to make sure that your medical bills don’t have to come straight out of pocket.

Even if your health plan does cover you internationally you may want to consider buying a special medical travel policy. Much of the additional coverage available is supplemental, which means it covers whatever expenses your health plan doesn’t, such as deductibles.

Theft Protection

When you’re packing for a long trip, odds are you’re bringing a lot with you. This makes theft especially worrisome when you consider the value of the items you’re packing along, whether it be laptops, tablets, cameras, or smartphones.

Purchasing theft protection may be as simple as adding the items on to your homeowner’s insurance before leaving on the trip. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of and photograph all the high-value items you’re bringing. That way if any items are stolen, this information is helpful to both your insurance company and the police.

Baggage Insurance

For baggage that is lost, delayed, or damaged, make sure that it is included in your policy. If it isn’t, it’s important to add it on, as lost baggage, sadly, is quite common and can put a damper on the trip.

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Don’t Make These 7 Silly Security Mistakes

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Regardless of whether you live in a rural or urban area, burglaries happen. In 2017, on average, a burglary occurred every 18 seconds in the United States. You can avoid being part of a statistic by avoiding to make these seven silly security mistakes.


House keys outside

Leaving A Spare Key Under The Door Mat

Even an inexperienced burglar has seen enough cartoons and movies to know that many people leave a spare key to their house under the front door mat. If this is where you hide your spare key, it’s probably best you look for a better spot.


Ladders in backyard

Leaving A Ladder In The Backyard

If you own a ladder, keep it locked in your garage or in your basement. Most people don’t secure the top floor of their house as well as they do the ground floor, often forgetting to lock the upper windows. If you allow a burglar the opportunity to reach the second floor of your house, you may end up paying for it.


dark porch light

Having Limited Light Around Your House

A well-lit house is a secure house. A burglar is less likely to rob your house if they think someone will see them. If you have a singular spotlight pointing toward your driveway, that isn’t going to be enough. Outside lights around your doors will deter a burglar from breaking in.


Forgetting To Lock Windows And The Garage Door

Typically, as soon as you enter your house, you lock the front door behind you. Right before you go to bed, you most likely will lock the side or back door as well. However, many forget to lock their windows and garage door before heading to bed.


Full mailbox letters

Forgetting To Stop The Mail

If you’re going on vacation, be sure to either stop the mail to your house or have a neighbor pick the mail up for you. If a burglar is walking past your house and sees a stack of mail outside, they might pick up on the fact that you’re not home. This is an open invitation for burglars to break into your home.



Relying On Your Dog To Keep You Safe

Your dog isn’t guaranteed to attack or even bark if an intruder comes in the house (unless it’s a squirrel, perhaps). There are many other home security measures that are more reliable than our furry companions. Be sure to take additional measures to keep your home safe.


social media apps

Posting About Future Plans On Social Media

You’re probably taking tons of pictures and having a great time on vacation, but don’t post it on social media. Intruders may be looking at public social media posts to find potential leads on houses to rob. Save your excitement until you get back, then you can post all the pictures you want — risk free!


You can be as safe as you want, but sometimes things happen. When they do, make sure you have the proper insurance. At Yetter Insurance, we can help you with the proper policy to ensure peace of mind.


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Wait…I Can Insure That?

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When we think of insurance, we imagine home, auto, and even boat coverage. However, many don’t realize just how far you can go as to what you can insure. From a model taking out a policy covering the damage to her legs, to a comedian taking out a policy just in case they lose their sense of humor, oddities in the world of insurance aren’t that unusual after all. Here are just a few of the strangest things people have insured in the past.

The most expensive insurance policy issued for a cigar was written by Lloyd’s of London. The cigar is over 12 feet long and was made from more than 15,000 tobacco leaves. In case you were wondering, the cigar holds the world record for the longest cigar.

It is possible to purchase insurance against alien abductions. Around the US, more than $10 million dollars in alien abduction insurance has been written, with higher payouts available for people who are abducted frequently. Keep in mind that this is very difficult to prove.

Bruce Springsteen, well known for his unique vocal qualities, has his voice insured for an impressive $6 million dollars.

Famous model and America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum has her legs insured for $2.2 million. In the 1940s, Twentieth Century Fox had insured Betty Grable’s legs for $1 million each—that is even more impressive!

American comedian Rich Hall has an insurance policy that protects him for up to $1 million dollars if he loses his sense of humor.

The Santa at the Macy’s Department Store in New York has his beard insured for an undisclosed amount. However, we can understand why.

If you have something *ahem* unusual that you would like to insure—or to discuss more traditional insurance policies—then give our experienced team at Yetter Insurance a call.

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Tie The Knot (Then Insure It)

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Congratulations! You and your significant other just got married, and now you’re starting your new life together. Before you get caught up in all of the exciting changes to come, there’s something you should consider insuring—the ring around your finger.

Types of Ring Insurance

There are two commonly used ways to insure an engagement ring. The first is through an extension on your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. Your existing homeowner’s policy provides coverage for items in your home, but only up to a certain dollar amount. Purchasing an extension would provide additional coverage against theft.

The second option is to purchase a personal inland marine policy. This policy is separate from your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, and it provides coverage against theft, misplacement, or loss of valuable items, such as your wedding and engagement ring.

Who Needs It?

You do — if you have bought a wedding or engagement ring, you should purchase insurance.

Why You Should Get It?

Purchasing a ring insurance policy not only honors the monetary value of the item, but also what the ring itself represents — protection and security for something you love and cherish. Although the sentimental value cannot be replaced, in the case of loss or theft, insurance can cover the cost of replacement.

Additional Info

  • If you insure the ring through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, make sure to update your policy if you move.
  • The yearly cost of insuring a ring is $1-2 for every $100 it would cost to replace it.

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Yes, Even College Students Should Think About Insurance

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The first thing most colleges make you aware of when you live in a dorm is that they are not responsible for damages or loss of personal property. This means that all the expensive gear in your dorm is essentially unprotected. With the rising prices of college gear, it’s important to make sure you have the proper insurance.

Between textbooks, a computer, smart phone, tablet, television, mini fridge, a bike, and more, the average college student has thousands of dollars just sitting in their dorm room. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), over 13,500 cases of theft are reported every year on college campuses. While security measures can be made, like padlocking your gear, the proper insurance will help you after the fact. Odds are, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition, a college student won’t have the financial means to replace these items out of pocket.

When wanting to insure your college gear, it may be as easy as adding it to a parent’s homeowner’s insurance. Come on in to Yetter Insurance Agency, and we will sit down with you and look over your current plan. We can help you fill in those spots that you might be missing.

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Make sure you have the right life insurance coverage for your family

9 Tips for Buying Life Insurance for the First Time

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Buying life insurance for the first time can be a daunting experience, but knowing why, when and how to buy life insurance can make the whole experience a lot easier. Before you contact your insurance agent, check out these nine simple tips on how to make the whole process less complicated.

  1. Why are you buying life insurance? The main reason that people buy life insurance is to provide financial security for their children or spouse. The benefits of your life insurance payout can be used to pay for funeral costs, the remaining balance of a mortgage or college tuition, or just to replace the income that you provide for your dependents.
  2. When should you buy life insurance? Life insurance is less expensive the younger you are when you buy it. While your needs may change as you age (additional beneficiaries, increased expenses, and so on) you can always add another policy. Some life insurance policies also allow for conversions and upgrades when your needs change.
  3. Who are your beneficiaries? Your beneficiaries can be a person, a business, or a charity. Before buying a life insurance policy it is important to know who your beneficiaries are so that you can buy a plan that will meet their needs.
  4. How do you make sure your benefits go to whom they’re supposed to? By having a last will and testament you can make sure that your life insurance benefits are paid out to the proper beneficiaries.
  5. How much coverage do you need? A general rule of thumb is to buy coverage that is equal to eight years of your salary, but this is not set in stone. Everybody’s needs are different in this regard. It’s good advice to speak with a financial professional to get a better understanding as to what kind of coverage you need before speaking to an insurance agent.
  6. What type of policy is right for you? There are two main types of life insurance policies: -term life and permanent life.

A term life policy is purchased for a specific period of time. If your term life period expires before you pass away then your benefits will not be paid out. Some term life policies can be converted to whole life policies before they expire, so it’s important to know whether or not your policy can be converted. The benefit of a term life policy is that they are generally much less expensive than whole life policies.

A whole life policy provides lifelong protection, and some whole life policies even gain interest. A whole life policy is more expensive than a term life policy because it often accumulates cash value and is designed for a longer period of time.

  1. How much coverage should you buy? Two things to consider in regards to how much coverage you should buy are what you need and what you can afford. You don’t want to buy life insurance that you can’t afford. Find out what coverage you need, and then discuss with your insurance agent to find the best way to cover your needs within your budget.
  2. Should you buy your policy through the insurance company or an independent agent? You should buy your life insurance policy through an independent agent. An insurance company can only sell you what they offer, but an independent agent can shop multiple insurance companies to find you a policy that best fits your needs.
  3. How should you choose your insurance company? It is important to choose a quality provider. This is another benefit of using an independent agent to find your policy for you. An independent insurance agency will know which companies have the best rating and will still be around to pay out your benefits. Many of the top rated insurers have liability to pay out to their customers even if the company itself goes under. You can also check out a qualified rating service like A.M. Best Rating Services, which rates insurance companies for consumers.

Talk to a Yetter insurance agent for more information about obtaining a new life insurance policy. We’ll help you choose the right plan that fits your needs. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit www.yetterins.com or call 570-296-8329.


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Life Insurance for the aging

Living Longer than Expected

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Four tips on what to do when you outlive your term life insurance policy

Buying life insurance is a difficult decision, and no one wants to think about their eventual passing, but what is one to do if they outlive their term life insurance policy?

  • If you are approaching the expiration of your term life policy, you can convert it to a permanent policy, such as a whole life or universal life policy. The premium may be higher, but the protection of a permanent policy is valuable and you may be able to skip some of the medical exams.
  • You can buy a new term life policy. This will not include the previous policy, and thus you’ll be starting over from scratch, but this option will offer you a lower monthly premium than converting your previous policy. That said, it may be that your needs are not the same as when you first bought your policy, which can affect the price of your premiums.
  • If your needs are not the same as when you bought your initial policy it might also be beneficial to buy a new whole life or universal life policy. The premiums will still be higher than buying a new term life policy for the same coverage, but this will be guaranteed to last and grow for your entire lifetime.
  • For some, the best option may be to buy a new whole life or universal plan that upgrades their previous plan. Many choose term life policies for financial reasons, and years later the same individual may be able to afford a much better plan that will provide their loved ones with more than just security. For those who have done well financially, buying (or upgrading to) a better policy that is guaranteed to last a lifetime could be the best choice.

When buying life insurance it all comes down to what you can afford, and what you need. Some are just looking to cover their funeral and pay their debts, others may want to send their children or grandchildren to college or leave their spouse enough money to live comfortably once they are gone. It is up to you to decide what kind of policy is best for you and your family.

For more information about obtaining a new life insurance plan or upgrading an existing one, talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent. We’ll help you choose the right plan that fits your needs. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit www.yetterins.com or call 570-296-8329.


Resource: https://www.erieinsurance.com/blog/2016/outlive-term-life-insurance-policy


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Don't post about your trip before traveling.

Safeguard your Home Before your Next Trip

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Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school, which means it’s time to start planning your summer vacation. Are you keeping in mind the proper security your home will need while you’re away? It’s important that you take some time to consider what you would do in case of a burglary and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. Whether you are going away for a few days or a few weeks, here are steps to safeguard your home.

Safeguarding Tips

  1. Stay off of social media. Announcing that you are going away on vacation or currently on vacation could end up being a big mistake. This allows everyone to know what your travel plans are and that your home may be unoccupied. If you are someone who can’t resist the excitement, then make sure to turn off your location status on any public forum.

July Blog

  1. Become close with your neighbors. Let your next door neighbors know that you will be away and ask them to keep a watch on your home. Have them grab your newspaper and mail because a pile of it outside your home is a sure sign of absence, or stop the deliveries completely for the duration of your trip.


  1. Use your locks. Criminals are very good at spotting a hidden spare key. If you must leave a spare key somewhere, then ask your neighbor if you could leave it with them. We recommend getting a quality deadbolt lock, which is the first attempt of stopping an intruder.

Blog Pic 3


  1. Make it look like someone’s home. A house that looks lived in is less likely to become a target. You can do this by setting timers on lights and noise producing appliances like TVs to give the presence that someone is still around.

July Blog 4


  1. Hide your outdoor valuables. Make sure to place all of your visible and easily accessible belongings, like grills and lawn equipment, into a locked shed.

July Blog 5


  1. And lastly, your car. If you are leaving your car parked in your driveway, make sure you don’t leave the garage door opener inside. This is how many garages get broken into. You can also park your car in the garage to safeguard it from both the elements and theft.

July blog 6


Have a great summer vacation and talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about the ways to keep your home safeguarded and properly insured. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office at 570-296-8329 or visit www.yetterins.com.



Resources: http://blog.foremost.com/6-Ways-to-Secure-Your-Home-When-You’re-Away.asp


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Boat Insurance for Lake Wallenpaupack, PA residents

Let The Cost of Boat Insurance Sink While You Stay Afloat

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Warmer weather and the boating season are quickly approaching and avid boaters are anxious to get out on the water.  Many boaters don’t even think twice about the importance of proper maintenance before riding the waves. It is important to note that a few maintenance tips can actually reduce the need for costly repairs, extend the life of your boat, help ensure the safety of you and your passengers, and keep your boat insurance low. Don’t miss a second of boat season with these basic boat maintenance tips.

  1. Routine inspection– Stay actively involved in the proper maintenance of your boat. Check all aspects of your craft from fraying ropes to loose fittings and to all other areas that need replacement and special attention. Performing a routine inspection yourself, or having a professional do it, can easily prevent damages from happening to your boat.


  • Check all fluid levels; replace the oil filter, drive lubricants, and engine oil.
  • Check the belts, cables, and hoses. These can become frail and may crack or swell while sitting out during the winter.
  • Inspect the propellers for any dents, pitting, cracks, and distortion.
  • Don’t forget to check your safety gear. Make sure the life jackets are in good condition and that there are enough on your boat for all passengers. Also, be sure all fire extinguishers on board are the correct class and that they are fully charged.


  1. Cleaning and care– Washing your boat regularly, a routine waxing, or the use of anti-fouling paint can prevent long-term environmental wear and tear. Make sure you invest in a cover to keep your boat clean and free from debris such as dirt, bird droppings, water, or falling leaves, all of which can cause damage if left unchecked. A cover can also help prevent UV rays from breaking down hoses and fading carpets and upholstery. Lastly, be sure to clean the deck, topsides, and hull, and make sure the drain plug is securely in place before every launch.


  1. Electrical components– Always keep electrical components dry, since many boat failures occur because of corroded electrical systems. Invest in non-conductive grease, water-repellant, or corrosion inhibitor which can preserve your electrical fittings.


  • Inspect electrical connections for tightness or cleanliness. Charge and keep your battery clean, as dirt and dampness can drain it, and have it tested to ensure it can hold a charge.  You should have your electrical systems regularly inspected by a qualified technician.


  1. Motor maintenance- After every use, flush your engine and look over everything from the clamps on your fuel line for rust, damage or corrosion to your fuel tanks. Also check your oil for proper filtration, cleanliness, and correct levels. Last, but not least, check your engine’s cooling system to make sure it’s functioning correctly.


Talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about ways to lower your insurance costs regarding these boat maintenance tips. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit www.yetterins.com or call 570-296-8329.



Resources: http://www.safeco.com/boat-insurance/do-more/basic-boat-maintenance-tips



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